National Geographic on assignment

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Video of rock-climbing photographer on assignment for National Geographic


The squirrel

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I was going through the rest of the pictures from Tuesday night and see that Taylor managed to get a good picture of the squirrel, he wouldn’t cooperate for me.


Downtown Edmonton

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Well, not quite. On Tuesday night, I went and helped the boys with learning about GPS for scouts and afterwards Taylor and I went and did a quick geocache. I guess Taylor had been down this path a couple of times but I hadn’t. We were both totally eaten by very eager and persistent mosquitoes.


Calendar picture

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I have this calendar and saw this picture from somewhere in Canada. I don’t know if it’s West Coast trail or not but I really wish I was there right now…

IMG 0830

Taking pictures

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Oilers game

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1010_iPhone_0590 1010_iPhone_0591 1010_iPhone_0578

Taylor and I went to the Oiler’s game tonight and as you can see, we had great seats. These were tickets from work, probably the only ones I will get this year. The Oiler’s lost but we enjoyed ourselves, I think Taylor decided he was a Flames fan which was convenient since the puck you see him holding is from the third goal of the game where Jarome Iginla pulled the Flames out ahead of the Oilers. The ref came over and specifically gave the puck to Taylor through the little camera opening in the plexiglas where the professional photographer sits.



We were there with a another developer from work, Jason and his son James (5) who was very excited and very vocal about his love of the oilers…

Backing up

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When was the last time you did a backup? I certainly know better but I don’t back up as often as I should. I really only am worried about the pictures which I do have stored in two locations but only the jpg version, not the raw version that comes from my camera. I decided it was time today and I was thinking that I would burn them to DVD, right clicked on the pictures folder and discover that I have 204GB of pictures…

A CD holds 800MB = 255 CD’s which would be roughly $255

A DVD holds 4.7GB = 43 DVD’s which would be roughly $60

A Dual Layer DVD holds 8.5GB = 24 DL DVD’s which would be roughly $70

A BR-D holds 25GB = 8.16 Blu-Ray Disc’s  @ $4 each would be $33

A Dual Layer BR-D holds 50 GB = 4.08 Disc’s but I can’t buy them locally.

Can you imagine doing a backup using 255 CD’s? That is worse than the days we used to use floppies and ironically the most expensive option (not to to mention it would probably fail half way through).

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